An annual literary fest, which test the soft and literary skills of the participants.

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PINNACLE is the annual literary fest organized by THE LITERARY CLUB every year in the month of October.
This fest spans over a period of 3 days and has 10 different literary events. The events are updated and new & exciting events are added to the list of events year after year.

The fest has exclusive events like spell-a-thon, quiz, tom dick n harry, knockout, prove your point, khichdi, mnemonics, aptitude, sudoku, onde ondu nimisha.
Each of the above events attract more than 150 participants and the overall crowd reaching up to 700 with increasing participants every year.

The events are designed in such a way that they test and enhance the critical thinking, analytical ability, general knowledge, spontaneity, vocabulary, public interactions, and oratory skills and bring out numerous other hidden abilities and talents along with the fun and joy of participation and competition.